Tuesday, November 19, 2013

     Well being in another state gives you a different perspective on things. I am at my Moms' home in Virginia for a couple weeks and they have different climate, different bugs, different landscape and different critters. What they have in common is the need for home maintenance. Something you take care of now will be something you don't have to fix or replace later. Unless you buy throwaway Chinese crap built for throwing away which is a waste of money. Buy things built to last and take care of them and it will be money well spent. Get your furniture at wal-hell and you get what it is...disposable. It's kinda like toilet paper, use it and throw it away.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's always something.

    It's seems like the shorter the day the longer the list gets. So I guess a coat of primer on that chest and some yardwork is in order, not necessarily in that order. What stands in the way of your day?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pretty good.

We all have problem spots and there are found solutions. Example.
Problem.... Dead corner in hallway with junk piling up.
Solution ....cabinet built from found boxes and finished in an antique crackle style.
You just can't say this isn't better. For under a hundred bucks (we already had the paint) Problem solved and we did it with somebodys trash. I wouldn't part with it for under $500 and love what it did for the hallway.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Where does that go?

    Well in the case of purpose built furniture it fills a niche in the house. Case in point: we have a spot in the hallway that used to be home to an old furnace or water heater. Now it is just a dead corner in the hall with some boxes and stuff piled in it. Now I am no master cabinetmaker or furniture craftsman but I have a few skills and have built some pieces we use around the home and have found to be of acceptable quality. The other day we found at the curb a pair of discarded wooden boxes that were apparently crafted by someone with superior equipment and were of quality material. I joined them together and trimmed them out and am currently working on a finish for them. We will wind up with a 4 door cabinet for that spot that is indestructible and attractive. We paid under $100 for the materials and I wouldn't part with it for less than $500. I did invest a considerable amount of time but I had it to invest. Never discount the value of found materials. People throw stuff away because they see no use for it and I am not too embarrassed to pick it up. Your trash could be my next project.