Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A lot more than I'm used to.

     Trying to get a business started takes a lot of time away from the business. There is so much regulation and taxes and license fees that I can understand why people try to fly under the table. The government wants their cut and they do not care how much of your tax money they spend to get it. If the department of business and professional regulation gets ahold of you then your tax money will be used to prosecute you. Ditto with the IRS. I refuse to say this is right but it is the way of things. Nobody on the government dole cares how much you lost conforming to inane restrictions and regulations. If I lost $1000 taking the time to comply do you think the official I had to spend time waiting to see in order to comply cares? No. That person is getting a paycheck regardless. Okay, rant over, feel free to resume your life.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer fun

While everyone else heads to the beach or the lake,pool or wherever you head to cool off during the hot Summer someone usually winds up staying to handle the household chores. One thing you should work in is an outdoor shower. If you have an irrigation system perhaps you have a pump. whether you do or not it is a fact that cold water is cheaper than hot water and the sand and assortment of other gunk brought back is best left outside instead of going down your indoor plumbing. A privacy enclosure is a nice touch but not a necessity since whatever you wore is wearing some of the gunk you want to get rid of too. If you are bashful just shower in that and hang it out to dry for next time. You can run in to scrub up the unmentionable parts but should see a savings on water and electric. While you are at it use cold water in the laundry unless you are trying to sterilize diapers or something. It's easier on your clothes and your pocketbook. To quote Martha Stewart "It's a good thing"