Friday, November 1, 2013

Where does that go?

    Well in the case of purpose built furniture it fills a niche in the house. Case in point: we have a spot in the hallway that used to be home to an old furnace or water heater. Now it is just a dead corner in the hall with some boxes and stuff piled in it. Now I am no master cabinetmaker or furniture craftsman but I have a few skills and have built some pieces we use around the home and have found to be of acceptable quality. The other day we found at the curb a pair of discarded wooden boxes that were apparently crafted by someone with superior equipment and were of quality material. I joined them together and trimmed them out and am currently working on a finish for them. We will wind up with a 4 door cabinet for that spot that is indestructible and attractive. We paid under $100 for the materials and I wouldn't part with it for less than $500. I did invest a considerable amount of time but I had it to invest. Never discount the value of found materials. People throw stuff away because they see no use for it and I am not too embarrassed to pick it up. Your trash could be my next project.