Monday, September 26, 2011


Far be it from me to try to take advantage of the current economic crisis but......The construction and remodeling fields are among the hardest hit during this recession . Companies are folding up outright or scaling back dramatically just fighting tooth and nail for the crumbs that are out there. This is win -win time for you. Many companies are willing to take on projects that they wouldn't take before in order to keep their core group of employees busy during the hard times. Don't wait if you don't need to. If you can swing it now is the time to do it. This is a golden opportunity to get an excellent price as well as help out some workers whose hours have been drastically cut or eliminated altogether. Also with the surplus labor market it is a good time to upgrade things like insulation or roofing at a bargain price. Energy efficiency and stormproofing are both areas that will reap returns from your homeowners insurance company. Contact your agent or rep and ask for a listing of improvements that can positively affect your premium prices.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why are you so cold?

Today I am in the mood to talk windows. No! not that windows but rather the windows on you domicile (house).  This is gonna hark back to earlier posts but what do you wait for? OK here's a scenario for you. When thet hurricane/cyclone hits do you really wan't to be standing in line and waiting for the last piece of overpriced plywood? Hey does everyone remember Grandmas house? I do I remember being over heated from helping to bake cookies and sitting by a closed window yet getting a breeze anyhow. Windows are one of the improvements that bring about the highest selling price and will allow you to recoup energy savings that will pay for themselves about as fast as anything will. Don't screw around with inferior products, they are meant to rip you off. Q: What does a $400 window with a lifetime warranty and a $100 generic one have in common? A: absolutely nothing. Double glazed, triple glazed, Argon filled and a partridge in a pear tree.Choose wisely, do not let the salesman  pressure you any at all. Demos can and will be happy to show samples and explain the function of each part. It must be quality from top to bottom or you walk. If you get a written estimate (you should) seek out competition to get other quotes and go with the person or company you feel comfortable with. Pay for professionalism and insist that all of your necessities are addressed to your satisfaction. get references and CALL them, why the heck else would you ask for them.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Air it out.

It is almost that time of year. Almost time to give the A/C a break and get some fresh air in the house. When the temps dip to an acceptable level open up those windows and get some clean air in the house. If you are a city dweller and the traffic noise and air pollution are going to be an issue maybe it's not a great idea but at least hit the parks and enjoy some nice weather. Ok now, while the A/C is off clean/replace the filter. If you can get to them vacuum the coils and do a thorough cleaning of the outside unit. While you are in the mode pull the fridge out and clean and vacuum the coils on it thoroughly too. The number 1 killer of refridgerators is dirty coils leading to overheating and inefficiency. Ok now the windows are open, the house is cool, but where are the bugs coming from? Apparently you neglected to check all your screens. Do it now. If the screen frames are in good shape you can replace the screen and spline yourself. If the frame is shot a local hardware store can make new ones. You may as well do it since once we put winter to bed we're gonna do it all over again in the spring. Enjoy the weather but think ahead. Do you really want to wait for the first freeze warning to think about the pipes?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Are you ready?

So if you live on the east coast and survived Irene you saw the potential for damage and the lack of accuracy that the weather people posess in forecasting an accurate landfall. This begs the question, are you ready? There is absolutely no reason to scramble at the last minute. Get a portable file cabinet and put your important papers in it now. There is no reason they can't just sit there till the end of hurricane season. They will be ready to toss in the ar at a moments notice plus you have time to inventory them and make sure you have all of them. If you have a pet put together a kit with bowls,food,medication etc,etc. It is a good time to have a microchip embedded in your pet in case you get seperated. Make sure all vaccinations are in order and it has a collar with tags bearing your name address and phone #.