Friday, July 8, 2011

One other thing.

Gettting back to the old plywood issue, anyone who has spent time in the south or ever even seen the Weather Channel (during all the idiotic coverage given to the POSSIBILITY of a Tropical storm) knows that putting a duct tape X on the windows isn't gonna cut it. You need to pick a sunny day and measure and cut individual panels for each window and test fit and fasten each one. Figure out a numbering system and paint and label both sides of each panel with several coats of high quality exterior paint because they may be up awhile and they will be re-usable after the false alarms. Store the appropriate fasteners for each panel in a resealable bag and seal it after labeling it the same as its intended panel. Store the entire collection of parts together in a container labeled as such along with a diagram of your system. Having this diagram ensures two things (1) That if you forget (it may be several years between uses)you can still figure it out (2) If you are out of town or unable for any reason anyone can do it for you (3) If you sell the house you've done a huge favor for the next owner without having to explain it all. This is an excellent weekend project and another tip is if you have a multi-story home use different colors for each floor. Taking the time to do this will give you maximum time to take care of other stuff cause you will be able to board up in a hurry.