Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tis the season.

For a time of the year when everyone is supposed to be filled with wonder and joy people have incredibly short fuses due to the stress. It matters not what holiday you celebrate or if you even celebrate one. If your particular faith does not have a signifcant holiday this time of year then you are still stressed by the throngs clamoring for the next cool toy or aggressive people dying to get primo parking spots at the mall when a short walk would give them time to de-stress themselves. If you can avoid Wal-hell do it! Better yet tell all the kids that they moved the holiday back because of the economy. Hey it works for the president so it could work for you if you just blame it on the last Santa Claus. Then you sneak in at midnite after everyone exchanges their Chinese crap for the cash they really wanted in the first place.