Monday, November 28, 2011

Well that's over

So what do you get the "serious" DIYer in your household for the holidays? Here's a hint...Ask them. Or if you have a major project coming up get a piece of high end equipment related to that task. If you are painting the house get a decent paint sprayer. If you are building a deck get a compressor and nailgun. This approach serves more than one purpose. 1st it solves the gift dilemma. Next it gets the project off the ground quickly without prodding since they won't be able to wait to play with their new toy. And 3rd if you chose well it will help bring it to a timely and satisfactory conclusion due to your gift making it easier and much more pleasurable to do. Another excellent idea is to hire a service. Again if you are painting the outside hire a pressure washing service to clean and prep the house. Everyone knows that prep is at least half the work involved in a quality paint job and trust me this will be appreciated especially if it involves second story work. If all else fails get a gift card for their favorite home center or hardware store. This ensures they get what they want (not what they need) but that is a topic for another day.