Friday, February 3, 2012

Woohoo! Super Bowl....Parteeee!

Oh my goodness if there is a party I love other than New Years it has to be the Super Bowl. Queso in the carpet? Yes! Busted glass on the terrazzo? Sweep it up you don't need me. Sore loser bust a hole in the wall? Awesome! Before you wake up the drunken bums that couldn't find their keys (cause you took them right?) Toss their pockets for the damages and make em help clean up. If you lost a flat screen tough. That's the price you pay for having those animals over for the game. Hey! How about passing the hat for damages? Tell everyone it's for a door prize contingent upon not having to fix the place. If you raise enough and the place isn't trashed then you can buy a nice gift for the winner.(aspirin anyone?)