Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I don't have anything to wear!

How can a house be too big and still not have room for all your stuff? Simple, you have too much stuff. Some of your junk needs to go.and you will need to get creative to store the rest. We recently moved from a 1000 sq ft home to one half again (or more) larger and still have boxes of stuff stacked in various rooms. Closet and kitchen cabinet space is at a premium and will need to be tweaked for maximum capacity. Closets are the easiest of the two since they are essentially just small rooms with a well defined purpose and require no plumbing or electrical work unless it's a walk -in and needs lighting alteration. Now I am not Martha Stewart so I don't know the rules of organizing but I believe the first order of business should be to get rid of unnecessary stuff.
      First things first. Start with clothes, box up clothing using the three basic rules. Donate stuff that....
1) you can't wear.
2) you don't wear.
3) you shouldn't wear.
      You are going to have to make some hard choices but it needs to be done. Once you have whittled down your inventory to the necessities you'll have a much better grasp of the task ahead. I recommend staying away from the cheap white vinyl covered steel grates and going with wood. You can gain hanger space by installing a second rod beneath the top one. this is a great way to hang shirts, blouses, and folding slacks. If you have dresses, garment bags, or suits partition the bottom section in half with 1 X 12 stock. Use 1 X 4 cleats on the walls to carry the shelves and rods. You can easily buy the hardware to carry the rods at any hardware store. When it comes to the actual rod don't be cheap you'll need to carry a lot of weight so get accurate measurements remembering to allow for the hardware or install hardware and then measure. I find I have acceptable results using
1" galvanized steel pipe it has very little flex under a load so you won't have to worry about sag. Everyone has different ideas of what they require of a closet so get creative,  personalize it so it works for you instead of just being a place to dump your stuff.