Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anybody seen a skillet?

In the ongoing saga I like to call "How can anyone live like this" we are re-vamping the kitchen into a place for food preparation instead of the Golden Corral for cockroaches. You can't keep it clean if you can't tell it's dirty. It also helps if form follows function. As I've said before since this is a rental it suffers greatly from a lack of basic maintenance and the maintenance that was performed was done as quickly and cheaply as possible. For example the solution to a broken drawer was to remove the drawer and screw the face of it to the cabinet thus giving the appearance of a drawer without actually having one. Problem solved right? Well this may seem perfectly acceptable if you don't have to live here but we do and we need that drawer. However after further consideration there is no way I am building a new drawer to put in that piece of crap cabinet that was a piece of crap 20 years ago. Sooooo it looks like I need a new cabinet. Also the refrigerator in a 2200 sq ft house should not be one suited for a studio apartment. fortunately we have a great refrigerator however the space in the kitchen where it goes is sized for one suited for a studio apartment. It gets tiresome having to walk to the living room for eggs because they won't fit in the kitchen. We also have an "island" this is composed of some old base cabinets cobbed together and covered with plywood and tile. The main problem is accessibility. You have to strap on a miners helmet, pack a lunch, and hire a guide if you want to find anything in the back corners. That coupled with no power outlet makes it pretty much just a box that won't move. As a bonus the lighting is less than adequate and the tile used for countertops and backsplash is horrific. We also have one of those "lazy Susan" corner cabinets that is the laziest Susan I've ever seen. You almost have to kick it around. Well time to get busy.