Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Up in the attic

So you've got your stuff together and you are ready to go up top. I forgot to tell you to bring a sharpie please do that. OK the primary mission is to check for problem spots underneath the roof decking. The biggest offenders are where there is any penetration of the roof itself. I.E. plumbing vents, skylights, chimneys etc,etc. Since you are up here and already sweaty make it worth your while and check the other stuff too. Since you remembered to turn on the A/C fan before you came up you can check your ductwork for leaks. Allright! Holler at someone to turn the fan on so you don't have to get down and do it. Now, holding that piece of paper by one corner gently pass it around all sides of the ductwork. If it catches a breeze then you have a leak to mark with the sharpie. Stay tuned for other fun attic stuff next.