Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get a facelift ya old bag!

Are you tired of coming home to the same old ugly mess? Do you need to sell in order to squirm out from under some mortgage mess? Do you simply have time on your hands and not a lot to do because it is so dang hot? Well there are things to do which can be satisfying in the short term and profitable down the road. Plant a tree, trees are valuable additions to the landscape and not a lot of work beyond digging the hole and watering faithfully. for an extra bonus make it a fruit tree compatible with your geographic location and get ready to bake some pies. You could also paint. Now I know it's hot out but just changing the trim color makes a huge impact and you can really piss off the home owners associations enforcement nazis by using an unapproved color and then entertain yourself by attending meetings to tell them to get stuffed when they go all big brother on you. Hey if you are paying the dues get something out of it besides a set of rules to follow that are enforced by bored old ladies walking little dogs. While their dog is crapping in your yard they'll measure the grass so they can fire off a notification that it's a 1/4 inch too high and has dog crap in it.