Monday, September 26, 2011


Far be it from me to try to take advantage of the current economic crisis but......The construction and remodeling fields are among the hardest hit during this recession . Companies are folding up outright or scaling back dramatically just fighting tooth and nail for the crumbs that are out there. This is win -win time for you. Many companies are willing to take on projects that they wouldn't take before in order to keep their core group of employees busy during the hard times. Don't wait if you don't need to. If you can swing it now is the time to do it. This is a golden opportunity to get an excellent price as well as help out some workers whose hours have been drastically cut or eliminated altogether. Also with the surplus labor market it is a good time to upgrade things like insulation or roofing at a bargain price. Energy efficiency and stormproofing are both areas that will reap returns from your homeowners insurance company. Contact your agent or rep and ask for a listing of improvements that can positively affect your premium prices.