Friday, September 2, 2011

Are you ready?

So if you live on the east coast and survived Irene you saw the potential for damage and the lack of accuracy that the weather people posess in forecasting an accurate landfall. This begs the question, are you ready? There is absolutely no reason to scramble at the last minute. Get a portable file cabinet and put your important papers in it now. There is no reason they can't just sit there till the end of hurricane season. They will be ready to toss in the ar at a moments notice plus you have time to inventory them and make sure you have all of them. If you have a pet put together a kit with bowls,food,medication etc,etc. It is a good time to have a microchip embedded in your pet in case you get seperated. Make sure all vaccinations are in order and it has a collar with tags bearing your name address and phone #.