Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where are the #$@% candles?

My friends if there is one thing we can learn about storms it is to be prepared. The storm doesn't need an official name and weeks of media frenzy to do substantial damage up to and including loss of life. One thing that comes to mind is expensive but worth considering and that is underground electrical service. During a major weather event that causes widespread power outages individual homes are last in line for restoration services. Power companies prioritize based on the number of customers served by the project. Therefore your neighborhood power could be on long before your house is if the storm also took out the overhead line serving your home. Individual customers are usually last in line unless there is a safety threat posed by your circumstances in which case the threat was probably dealt with before they took care of the mainlines anyhow. It won't hurt to get an estimate for underground service just don't choke on your coffee when you see it. If you plan to own the home for any length of time it's worth considering.