Thursday, June 23, 2011

I was thinking.

I was alone with my thoughts and since that is a dangerous place to be I thought I'd bring you with me. Expectations should be clearly communicated and that is true of hiring any pro to perform a service. That is the entire basis for the contract process,to ensure both you and the person providing a service both agree on exactly what is to be done or provided. This also provides legal recourse and protection for both parties should a dispute arise. Now this is true only if the "contractor" is duly licensed, registered and permitted by the state or municipality where you reside. I'm saying this as a way of explaining why things cost so much. All these things contribute to a legitimate enterprises overhead and as such will be incuded in the contract as a cost of doing business. Federal,state,and local taxes, payroll and social security as well as permitting fees all drive up the cost to provide you with a legally binding and protected contract. So don't automatically think you are getting shafted when Joe schmo the ragman says he can do for $20 what a licensed contractor want's $120 to do. Building contractors get a bad rap for price gouging when it is a homeowners responsibility to do some legwork. Insurance...Yours and his also play a huge part in your protection and that of any employees he may have working on your property. His isn't free anymore than yours is. and a chunk of what you pay him goes toward insurance he is required to carry so you don't get sued when his guy smokes his lunch and falls off your roof.