Friday, June 24, 2011

A little on the side please.

Another thing to consider when hiring a contractor is the men he sends over to do the work. Treat them with respect and kindness and they are likely to go out of their way to do a top notch job for you. If the job is going to take a few days you have a chance to cultivate a relationship with some tradesmen you wouldn't ordinarily associate with. This is a good way to develop contacts for projects down the road that you want to do yourself but may need a hand with. Contractors may get mad at me saying this but most bluecollar guys with skills are always looking for a little extra on the side. It's up to you but if it is a little job that your contractor doesn't want to do anyhow most won't mind their guys making some side money if it does not interfere with their regular commitments. I have been in the business for a long time and never had a problem telling an employer when I had a little side work if we weren't swamped. I was normally his best man and he wanted me to be happy some didn't even mind renting me equipment for side work and were just glad to know I wasn't going behind their back. Also if good men show up and do good work a tip is always appreciated and the best time to give is after the work is done but before the clean up is finished. A man whose skills and labor has been appreciated will go the extra mile to clean up and make you happy as well.