Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm on fire!

A topic of interest here in the sunshine state of FLA is wildfires. Our neighbors in GA have theirs as well and AZ is certainly being tested. On a matter of note unless you are flush and don't need to worry about it insurance requires that you take precautions to protect the ol homestead or they won't pay up. If you have experience dealing with insurance claims then you know this already. Clear the trash, weeds, dead brush and HELLO FIREWOOD! away from the house. I heard a radio program wih an "expert" saying to give yourself a 30' defensible zone. Now I'm not an expert but I know fires and I know houses and 30' sounds ridiculously small to me. I'm pretty sure that it is the public safety people charged with protecting you that come up with this stuff. Just get all the crap off the roof. Get all the flammables away from the house. Use your best judgement but if the tallest tree on your property will fall on the house when it catches fire then it should go.
more later, stay safe