Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years resolutions.

   I hereby resolve to convince you that you really can fix up your home by yourself. It is easier than you think if you have the proper resources (me!) It doesn't have to break the bank and it is rare that you can do any damage you can't fix. Now I will not tell you that it is OK to run your own wiring if you have no experience. Get an electrician. But you can change fixtures and hang fans without too much trouble. I won't tell you that you can repipe your house (maybe you can) But call a plumber. But you can change out faucets, sinks, even commodes. You won't hear me tell you how to change out your central heat/AC but you can change filters, clean components and even replace vents/registers. If you cannot Identify a load bearing wall then its not OK to knock it down.Call a contractor. But you can go ahead and do any trim work you feel comfortable with up to and including changing doors. For all the skilled trade work you need done don't just take your cousins word that his neighbor can hook you up. Check licenses, get references, and check with the BBB for unresolved complaints. This is where your big money goes so ensure that you spend it wisely.