Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don't bug me

From time to time we all have a problem with the creepy crawlys. Ranging from common houseflies and ants to cockroaches so big they need an aircraft carrier to take flight. There are 2 things that will bring these pests into the house and they are food and water. Food and water are different for bugs than they are for humans. A cockroach can survive on the glue from cereal boxes and ants will take just about any scrap available even the ones you can't see(these scraps get bigger and bigger the older your eyes get). There are ways to minimize your pest problem naturally and safely before bringing out the big guns.(1) keep a clean house, regularly go through closets, cabinets and the myriad places roaches can lay up and wait for dark. (2)Do not let debris pile up outside the house. Firewood stacks, trash cans, etc,etc provide cover for bugs. (3) Inspect the pipes both supply and drain, a small leak can provide enough moisture for a bunch of roaches. (4) After you have done your bit if you still have a problem consult a licensed pest control proffesional. They are trained and licensed in the safe application of pesticides. This is to safeguard your and your familys health as well as any pets, wildlife and wetlands in the vicinity