Monday, January 9, 2012

Same as it ever was

If you own a home you know the drill already, you spend the fall getting ready for winter and the spring getting ready for summer. Well how about getting a jump start on summer so you can really enjoy spring? Maybe take care of all the window and door screens so you are ready come time to open the windows for the warm spring breezes. All of the leaves should be down from the trees so if it's not too cold clean out the gutters so you can leak check them and have them ready for the april showers. There are a few things that you can do depending on your geographical location. I am writing this from northeast Florida so I am not familiar with the rituals farther north where you have snow and ice to contend with but I do know I don't like to spend a beautiful spring weekend working on the house or yard. With that in mind perhaps it would be a good idea to see to the yard implements. Change the oil in the lawnmower and sharpen the blades. Pruners, loppers, and shears should be sharpened, oiled and rust free. Steel wool works well for removing the rust and a good flat file will sharpen those blades. If you have enough trees to warrant the ownership of a chainsaw then you know about the maintenance there. Personally I remove the chain and store it in a sealed container submerged in motor oil so it stays rust free and limber and make sure the bar and housings have been cleaned well. Stay warm but remember when you just wanted to have a picnic or barbeque or just lounge around on a warm spring day and couldn't cause there were too many chores to do? Knock em out now and enjoy the time between shoveling snow and cutting the grass instead of toiling miserably when the fish are biting.