Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things I don't understand.

Well I understand them but they don't make sense. Why should I fix the fence as a good faith gesture in order to persuade my landlord that doing the right thing might be the right thing to do? My walls are painted the color of dirt. Can I take white paint and add dirt to it in order to match the color? We have ants big enough to require a tire iron to dispatch should the landlord replace the rotten wood they live in or do I just keep swinging the tire iron? We paid a steep pet deposit so we could have our cat come stay with us. Nobody mentioned that the place already came furnished with about a dozen free cats that fight and screw all night for your sleeping pleasure (windows open A/C don't work yep I'll get right on that fence). Quick question....How many A/C repairmen does it take to look at a problem and not do anything for the problem not to be fixed? If you pay a roofer not to fix a leak does he owe you money? If so how many leaks do you need in order to retire.