Monday, October 8, 2012

What to do?

Well I have wrapped up the kitchen (not really). And the everyday maintenance is up to snuff (not a chance). So what do I do next? Well since it's a rental not a bunch but there are a couple things I can be prodded to do (and I WILL be prodded). It is technically Fall but here in Florida you would be hard pressed to get it to act that way. We are technically entering the 'dry' season and by dry season I mean it's raining almost every doggone day. And by Fall I mean it's marginally cooler and the bugs are just hitting their stride. I know I know qwitcher bitchen and get busy. Well I got a bottle of bug juice and I'm not afraid to use it. My next order of business will be winterizing. You would be right if you said to yourself "self" " "what is this fool talking about?" OK It will get chilly here for more than one day and if my is as good at fixing the heat as he is at fixing the A/C (Same problem, different season) it's gonna get chilly more than once. Gone are the days when I just didn't care and threw some clothes on and ignored it. Now I am older and like to sit around in my underwear and I just can't do that if I have to break the ice off the top of the commode to make last nights lasagna go to it's destiny. So I'm gonna figure out a few ways to seal this rat trap up and I will share them along the way.