Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reaching dizzying heights.

    Ahh a spiral staircase. Pretty to look at but practical? You decide, after all it will be yours if you decide to install it. Let's look at the pros and cons and see which basket is heavier. On the pro side they are real space savers and save a ton of time on installation. They also add a level of elegance and style that is difficult to get from a traditional set of stairs. They can be custom ordered with a variety of tread and rail finishes to match any decor and they just plain look cool.
      On the con side? Well if you like your wine they are dangerous. It is impossible to get a large piece of furniture up one so unless you have alternate access you will have problems. Unless they are access to a single room or loft they simply are not practical at all. For handicapped people or simply people with mobility issues they are a bad choice for the same reason that they don't work well if you like your wine.
       The way I see it is you have to weigh your options. Will you gain enough space to make it worthwhile? Is it a single sleeping space that doesn't get much traffic? Are you young, spry, and sober enough to negotiate a spiral staircase on a daily basis? Going down half asleep in the dark to use the bathroom could get you a broken neck, are you ready for that? Are you planning on living in the house or selling? If you are selling you are cutting your market for seniors and handicapped. If you are living you are living with it and don't want to regret it. Personally, although my vote means nothing, I would stay traditional. If it's a small space for young people then go for it. Just remember who will use it, for what, and for how long.