Thursday, November 10, 2011

Get it ready now so it's fun later.

Ok folks we have the Thanksgiving holiday coming up fast. Today my thoughts are geared more toward the family that has the dubious distinction of hosting the festivities. First and foremost clean the kitchen! If you or another family member has the responsibility of maintaining the overall cleanliness of the kitchen then by all means keep it up as a matter of maintenance. Now we all know that in the traditional sense most times the women gather in the kitchen/dining area and the men gather in front of the TV. I am here to tell you that our times they are a changing and non-traditional gatherings are becoming more and more the norm so this is entirely gender neutral but the chores in front of you remain the same no matter who they fall to. For instance if a lady feels comfortable pulling out the fridge and scrubbing behind it while the man dusts the ceiling fans then so be it. So with that in mind let's get started. Ok we are talking deep cleaning here. I mentioned pulling out the fridge, well pull out the range too if it is that type. I have found grease thick enough on the floor behind a range I needed a putty knife to scrape it up. Now clean the inside and I do mean clean it. Empty the fridge completely and remove all the shelves,drawers, etc and take them outside and clean them there. My top hint for those impossible to clean grill type shelves is to take them to the car wash and blast them clean there. Take those crusty oven racks and broiler trays with you. Using the de-grease feature used to clean engines will make short work of the worst of the crud. The whole point is to get the place as close to pristine as possible to make it a safe ,healthy, pleasing space to work in. Get all non-essential stuff off the countertops. Counterspace is at a premium when there is a lot of preperation going on. Consider setting up a coffee service on a side table in the dining area or near the bar. When Aunt mildred just wants a cup of coffee she can get it without getting in the way and the coffee pot is out of the way. Fix all the little bugaboos we all have like loose knobs and faucet drips. Get the lights all in shape so everyone can see. Get out the coolers and clean them up so you have space for the cold drinks outside. This keeps people out of the kitchen and frees up space in the fridge.