Sunday, October 16, 2011

Are you ready for some football!

No, really. Are you ready for some football? As in a bunch of beer-swilling friends talking smack and asking for more nachos? You may say to yourself..."self....what does this have to do with home improvement?" Well it actually has nothing to do with home improvement at the moment cause there is football on. The home improvement angle comes in when the last of your beer soaked buddies is gone. Now you are left with the wreckage to clean up which is fine if your team won but,...If you lost then the mess is an insult on top of what you probably lost betting on your guys. Take a minute...survey the damage...and ask yourself how do I make this easier?  OK here is my secret. Bet someone clean-up duty if team A wins. Then bet someone clean-up duty if team B wins. Now you have help cleaning up no matter who wins. I know you were smart and had a huge garbage can with an industrial strength liner right next to the TV. Guys have tunnel vision and you have to put the can in the tunnel if there is to be any hope of it being used. Here's a thought....No carpet in the drinking zone! It's fine if that's what you like but I don't want a seasons worth of nasty beer and rotten salsa haunting me in a rug.