Saturday, October 29, 2011


Keep em safe out there. I know dark and creepy is part of the theme but we're talking about the people who will decide which nursing home we go to. Well I'm kidding but you really need to keep trick or treaters safe. Keep the approach well lit. If you want to keep it toned down for the ambience of the holiday get some low voltage walkway lights. These will keep the foot trail illuminated for proper hazard avoidance while still allowing you to scare the little ones with your headless scarecrow or whatever you got in mind. Be aware that if your treat stinks then the punk with the bag on his head that is just trying to clean up on candy may be back to exact retribution in the form of his own tricks (girls don't normally indulge). Nothing says punk  like a 5'8" kid saying he's a hobo. Stay up for awhile it's fun to catch them just remember todays kids carry guns so keep your own handy. Happy Halloween!