Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Damn it's hot

Sometimes this time of year is difficult. On the first cool day you shut of the AC and open the windows. That is the way to go but ultimately you wind up sitting and sweating because the first cool day was not the last hot day. Where I live humidity is a big deal and can be a factor all by itself. High humidity leads to the Florida state flower....Mildew. Bleach is your friend. If you get in the shower and mildew is in bloom then take a spray bottle full of bleach with you. I normally wouldn't advise this but the bleach kills mildew,mold,every sort of germ known to man and is on my short list of things to have handy in a disaster situation. Your drinking water is purified with chlorine...the main component in bleach. A few drops of chlorine bleach can make a gallon of water safe to drink and while I am not an expert I have spent time in the woods and a tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water has never made me sick. On the other hand a gallon of water w/o bleach has often sickened me.