Thursday, October 20, 2011


Got a little taste of fall this morning. Windows open, chilly breezes, low humidity, and all the dogs and cats are being frisky. Don't get used to it, it will be hot and sticky again soon enough. But I had a thought....Your body uses a lot of energy to keep you warm when its cold out so you wear a jacket. Well guess what my water heater lives outside and I'll just bet a lot of people have similar set-ups. My water heater is using a lot of energy to keep my water hot and I can't bring it inside so I figured it could use a jacket too! Think about it....Todays water heaters ( I refuse to say hot water heater cause it's a cold water heater) come standard with some insulation between the shell and the tank but it's only a token amount. Get your butt down to the nearest home center and buy your water heater a new jacket. You'll likely get the cost back in savings over the course of a season.